Oathkeepers Instructed to Form Special Forces Teams


Oath Keepers is instructing its 30,000 members nation-wide to form  up special teams and sub-teams in each Oath Keepers chapter, at the town  and county level, modeled loosely on the Special Forces “A Team” (Operational Detachment A ) model, and for a similar purpose:   to be both a potential operational  unit for community security and support during crisis, but also, as  mission #1, to serve as training and leadership cadre, to assist in  organizing neighborhood watches, organizing veterans halls to provide  community civil defense, forming County Sheriff Posses, strengthening existing CERT, volunteer fire, search-and-rescue, reserve deputy systems, etc., and eventually to assist in forming and training town and  county militias (established by official act of town and county elected representatives).

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Now For Some Good News


We so desperately need good news.

Here’s one to get your day off to a good start!

On April 2, 2013, the United Nations General Assembly approved the Arms Trade Treaty, which is really a gun control treaty…..



BELLEVUE, WA – CNN’s bombastic anti-gun talk host Piers Morgan demonstrated to the entire nation during an interview on CBS that he doesn’t even know which Constitutional amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms, so he should not take himself seriously about guns because nobody else does, either, said Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation.

On CBS This Morning, Morgan stated, “I have no problem, in a country with so many guns in circulation, with a family exercising their First Amendment (sic) right to defend their families with a handgun at home.”

“Morgan is out hawking his new book Shooting Straight’ and yet he has been missing the target consistently,” Gottlieb said. “He doesn’t even know that it’s the Second Amendment, not the First, which affirms and protects the right to keep and bear arms.

“The First Amendment – and Morgan should know this – protects the right of free speech and the press,” he observed. “Maybe Morgan supports the right to talk about guns, but he just doesn’t support the right to own one.”

During his CBS appearance, Morgan referred to his heated exchange Monday evening, on his own show, with Gottlieb. The veteran gun rights advocate noted that, despite Morgan’s chronic low ratings, “I can’t remember the last time I did a show that brought us so many new members or raise so much money in contributions as this one did.

“The most amusing part of that is the fact that the people we’ve spoken with did not actually watch Morgan’s program.” he added. “They saw the debate on the Internet, and called us to join and make donations.

“You simply have to love Piers Morgan,” Gottlieb concluded. “Trying to have a rational conversation with him about guns is like filming a recruiting commercial for the gun rights movement.”

Two Deputies To Be Presented Life Saving Medals Today

Congratulations to Officers Jason Orr and Jeff Mulkin.

Birmingham, AL 10/16/2013 – The awards will be presented this afternoon at 3:00 pm.
On July 17, 2013 deputies Jason Orr and Jeff Mulkin were off duty and in plain clothes.They
were traveling to an appointment in Deputy Orr’s assigned county vehicle. They were
traveling I-65 south near Fultondale and had to stop in traffic because of an accident.
A citizen approached them and informed them that there was a medical emergency in a
vehicle behind them. Deputy Orr positioned his vehicle to block traffic while he and
deputy Mulkin rendered assistance. They were told that the other motorist had possibly
suffered a heart attack. Deputies called for paramedics and an ambulance to come to the
location. The deputies removed the 53 year old man from his car and placed him on the ground.
He was not breathing and they were unable to discern a pulse. The pair began CPR and
continued until paramedics arrived. When the paramedics began treating him he had regained
his pulse and was breathing. Deputies assisted the ambulance by clearing traffic so
it could pass through more quickly. Deputies followed up by visiting the hospital the
next day to make sure the family needed no further assistance. They learned that the
man had survived and likely would not have without their efforts.
The man was identified as a 53 year old from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He and his
family had been traveling to the gulf beaches for vacation when this occurred.

Jeff Dunn Seeks Sheriff’s Office In Baldwin County

Why Jeff Dunn for Sheriff?

There is no substitute for experience and integrity, especially for a sheriff. I have had the privilege to serve the residents of Baldwin County as a law enforcement officer for more than 18 years, with nearly 16 of those years in the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. …
The Sheriff’s Office is the first line of defense against criminals who want to hurt our families and our children and take our property. That’s why the sheriff needs to be a cop first and foremost.  Once he has been elected, a sheriff shouldn’t be politicking – he should be out there fighting crime.
I know what it’s like to professionally pursue the duties of a law enforcement officer. I also know what it is like to see politics to stand in the way of what is best for the county.
That’s why I am running for sheriff in 2014.
The people of Baldwin County deserve a sheriff who combines street-cop savvy with the educated leadership and command of a dedicated career law enforcement officer. Our citizens need a sheriff who has the front-line experience to competently protect and serve the people of Baldwin County.  The sheriff must stay focused on the job and not political aspirations.
If the good people of Baldwin County honor me by electing me sheriff, I will:
Work diligently to improve the function of the Sheriff’s Office
Use professional law enforcement tactics that will give our citizens proven results and make our families safer
Protect the interests of the citizens and never let ambition get in front of integrity
Work with other county offices to better the Sheriff’s Office but, at the same time , will not be beholden to any other political office holder
I am running because I want to protect and serve the people of Baldwin and instill confidence and security in the Sheriff’s Office.
I look forward to the opportunity to serve as your sheriff and I humbly ask for your vote in the upcoming election November 3, 2014.