Ladies From Vulcan Threaded Products Get an Introduction to Handguns and Situational Awareness

Recently BamaCarry member Amy Parrish was invited to hold a ladies handgun safety and personal awareness class for her fellow co workers. Amy reports that there were 15 ladies present and most had little to no real experience firing a weapon.


By the time the class was finished these ladies were familiar with revolvers and semi-automatic handguns.
It was a time of learning, training and great fellowship. Amy said it was a real honor to be able to share with these wonderful ladies the fun of the “shooting sports” and to see their confidence level rise. She says “people helping people” is what it is all about. She also said it is always a great feeling to see women who have never held or fired a weapon leave with a sense of pride and confidence as they get over their fear of guns.
Thanks to Amy’s husband Josh for being on hand to help keep things safe and to assist.

Amy says she starts her classes with a little speech about BamaCarry Inc. and why she and her husband are members. I’m thinking BamaCarry will see some new memberships soon.
IMG_3289     IMG_3319

Our hats off to Amy and Josh for their dedication to BamaCarry and to promoting firearm safety wherever and whenever they can.

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