BamaCarry Tuscaloosa Invites You To..

…their 46th consecutive BamaCarry meeting Monday July 20th at 6:00pm.

BC Tuscaloosa

If you like to fellowship with other gun owners and freedom lovers then you will enjoy coming to a BamaCarry meeting.  This month’s meeting will be at Southland Restaurant a Tuscaloosa Tradition located in Cottondale in Cottondale, Alabama. Paul Arnold is our coordinator in Tuscaloosa and always does an excellent job. The speaker this month will be Senator Gerald Allen. Senator Allen will be talking about what happen in Montgomery on SB 14 and what we need to do to get things going for next session down there. It will be a great meeting!


BamaCarry is a group that seeks to educate law abiding citizens on the rights they have which are protected by the constitution.
If you have questions about gun rights this is the place to get an answer. Come join us for a meal, and some good conversation.

There is no charge except for your meal. You’re welcome, concealed carry, open carry, or no carry. You can find us on Face Book at “Open Carry Tuscaloosa Alabama” or BamaCarry.
For more info or call 205-242-0950

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